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Here at My Test Drive, we strive to help learner drivers build the required confidence and skills in preparation for their practical driving test. Our aim is to provide learner drivers who are preparing for their restricted driving test a platform to practice and review their driving progress in preparation for their driving test.

How It Works


    Your closest testing station will automatically load, but you can change your test station at any time by clicking on the test station name, or, by clicking on one of the stations in the app.


    You can choose your route by clicking on any of the built in routes for that station. Every route has a registered difficulty rating underneath them, so you can choose your route based on experience. 


    Each test starts at the station selected as it would in a real test environment, so you must be within 50m of the testing station to start the test. You won’t be able to start the test until you’re within this radius.

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