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Benefits of the My Test Drive app

Learn and Improve

The My Test Drive app works as real as a paid driving instructor sitting in the seat right beside you, but we put the control in your hands so you can learn at a pace you’re most comfortable with. With built-in hazard alerts and test summaries, you should be able to quickly identify areas you need to work on and improve.

Save The Cost of Driving Instructors

Driving instructors are expensive – but are a viable option if you have the money and the patience to wait weeks for lessons and sometimes months to learn to drive. With our app however, you can save the cost of a driving instructor to pass your driving test. Our users frequently tell us they feel more prepared and more confident by using the My Test Drive app to learn to drive, and there is of course the option to combine the usage of both.

Easy, Simple, and Convenient

As a beginner, learning to drive is not exactly simple. But, we can tell you that passing your driving test is not as tricky as you’re being led to believe!

That’s why we’ve made the My Test Drive app straightforward with no complicated features. Using the app to learn how to drive and completing a test is as simple as using a Google maps to reach your destination.

So what are you waiting for – Download us for free now!

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