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Learn and Improve

The My Test Drive app works as real as a paid driving instructor sitting in the seat right beside you, but we put the control in your hands so you can learn at a pace you’re most comfortable with. With built-in hazard alerts and test summaries, you should be able to quickly identify areas you need to work on and improve.

Save The Cost of Driving Instructors

Driving instructors are expensive – but are a viable option if you have the money and the patience to wait weeks for lessons and sometimes months to learn to drive. With our app however, you can save the cost of a driving instructor to pass your driving test. Our users frequently tell us they feel more prepared and more confident by using the My Test Drive app to learn to drive, and there is of course the option to combine the usage of both.

Easy, Simple, and Convenient

As a beginner, learning to drive is not exactly simple. But, we can tell you that passing your driving test is not as tricky as you’re being led to believe!

That’s why we’ve made the My Test Drive app straightforward with no complicated features. Using the app to learn how to drive and completing a test is as simple as using a Google maps to reach your destination.

So what are you waiting for – Download us for free now!

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The first thing most of us look forward to once we turn 16 is getting our driver’s license. After all, who doesn’t love to go on a ride on their own?

However, to get on the road, you have to cross several speed-breakers before you get your driving permit. Learning to drive with someone you can trust is the first step, but it’s not cheap or easy to find the right instructor.

Your drivers license test can be exceptionally daunting and difficult, in particular for learner drivers who are struggling to absorb and retain so much information. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a Formula 1 or professional driver to pass your driving test. With proper assistance and training, passing the driving test can actually be a walk (or, in this case a drive) in the park.

Thanks to advances in technology and the My Test Drives teams painstaking work, you don’t have to read thousands of user manuals or pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a driving instructor to pass your driving test. With my Test Drive you can actually pass your driving test by simply using your mobile phone.

The My Test Drive app provides users with very specific and much needed skills to pass your driving test. Our app is simple, convenient, and easy to use – and its being updated all the time!

How does the My Test Drive app work?

Getting Started

You can download the App through App Store or Play Store on your IOS or Android phone. After you’ve downloaded the App, you’re all set to get on the road and start to learn to drive – no driving instructors needed! The My Test Drive App works as your driving coach and will assist you throughout your drive.

Choose Your Station

After downloading the App, the next step is to pick the testing station where you will be taking your driving test. By using your location, the App will automatically select the closest testing station for you, but you can also pick any driving test station in New Zealand if you’d prefer.

Pick Your Route

You might be a little nervous about learning to drive, or you could be very confident about your driving skills. But are the skills really good enough for you to pass your driving test? Well, the My Test Drive app will help you to determine this.

With routes ranging from Easy, Moderate, Difficult and Known Test Routes – we’ll help you prepare for your driving test at your pace focusing on your specific needs. You can also see what route you’ll be driving before taking a test to make sure you’re 100% confident in the route you're going to take.

Known Test Routes are added as an in-app purchase, and you won’t find these anywhere else except on the My Test Drive app. We’ve built Known Test Routes throughout major cities in New Zealand, and are continuing to expand our current portfolio frequently. Known Test Routes are actual real driving routes used in actual driving tests by driving test instructors to help you to make sure ready and that you feel absolutely confident before you take your drivers license test.

Ready, Set, Go!

After picking your station and route, you’re now ready to take the test. The My Test Drive app starts all tests at the start of the station you’ve selected, so you can experience a test-like environment.

Hazard Prompts

Once a test has started, simply select Pass if the hazard was completed safely or Fail if it wasn’t. A report is generated at the end of every test that can then be reviewed easily to help identify a drivers needs.

Results and Progress Tracking

Seeing your improvements is a huge motivation to get better in anything you’re determined to do in life. So, a summary of each drive is generated after every test and can be viewed at any time in your Drive History. Each summary clearly highlights failed hazards so users can identify their key driving needs.

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Updated: May 15, 2022

Get more value out of My Test Drive and the latest on learning to drive by following our new blog. Don’t miss the chance to get the latest news, the hottest tips and useful insights.

We thought it was time to make it even easier for our users to stay updated on all things useful. That's why we've launched the My Test Drive blog, where you can get helpful tips for using our services and read about feature updates. In our posts, we'll also try to cover any major news in the driving test industry in general, keeping you informed and one step ahead.

If you have a suggestion about a topic that you think we should cover, please don't hesitate to let us know. We want to make this blog as interesting, useful and relevant as possible, and we need your help to achieve that.

Stay tuned for more!

The My Test Drive Team.

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